Top states in Nigeria for tourism.

Top states in Nigeria for tourism these are states in Nigeria where couples, family and friends can travel to for their fun, sight seeing, host parties, hangout games and many more activities. Under this post you will read about; Top states in Nigeria for tourism, Top states in Nigeria for tourism, What are the list of tourist attraction in Nigeria? etc…

Top states in Nigeria for tourism.

Under this post we listed the top states/cites in Nigeria for tourism includes the followings;

  • Yankari Games Reserve; Yankari Game Reserve contains a larger space for wildlife park located in Bauchi state in Northern part of Nigeria. it is about 2,244 square kilometers.
  • Ogun state; This is western part of Nigeria which was named after the Ogun river which runs from North to south Abeokuta with natural atmosphere.
  • Okomu National park: This is located within the okomu national park with a wildlife sanctuary in the city of Edo state. Vistors are allowed to walk on the longest canopy in Africa and have their fun in the park through hiking trails and also tree platforms that helps you observe the wildlife.
  • Kano state: The ancient kano city walls is known as a defensive system which was built by the king of the kingdom of kano and it is the largest city in Nigeria after Lagos.
  • Obudu Plateau; Plateau is found on the oshie Ridge of the sankwala mountain range in Cross River state in the southeast of Nigeria. the obudu mountain resort is located in southern Nigeria and it is a short distance from cameroon.
  • Kainji Lake National park:This kanji park also offers quality accommodation and iit is really a good restaurants at affordable prices and it is located in kwara state/Niger state.
  • Lekki conservation center; This is managed by the Nigerian conversation center lagos state with 78 hectare center which is located in the lekki peninsula where you can find wetlands with swamp and savannah.
  • Ikogosi warm springs; This Ikogosi warm spring is a very attractive for tourisim which is located in Ekiti state, southwestern Nigeria flowing abreast the warm spring and beside the warm spring there is another cold spring. it is a beautiful Resort here in Nigeria.
  • Idanre; The Idanre Hill park is popularly known as Oke Idanre which constitute one of the most beautiful tourist places in Nigeria. its site is of an old Hilltop settlement in Nigeria’s western region. the Idanre is located in Ondo in the south-west of Nigeria.
  • Lagos; This is one of the happening city in Nigeria where they accommodate different people with diversity in cultures. This city is already a busy place for resorts and beach houses for explooring the weekends.
  • Cross River; In the history of Nigeria crossriver is known as the oldest rainforests and also one of the richest state in Nigeria and it is located in the south south region in Nigeria. it is one of the city you can explore nature for tourism. Calabar is the capital of cross river with a beautiful view of calabar river.

What are the list of tourist attraction in Nigeria?

The tourist attraction in Nigeria are those beautiful places one you can explore for fun and connect with nature. These are the followings;

  • Osun osogbo sacred grove.
  • Obudu cattle Ranch.
  • Oguta Lake Holiday Complex.
  • Badagry slave route.
  • Ikogosi warm springs.
  • Kajuru Castle.
  • New Afrika shrine.
  • Ancient kano city walls.
  • Abuja Arts and Crafts village.
  • Coconut Beach.
  • The Ancient Nok settlement.

Which state is luxurious in Nigeria?

The states that are luxurious and expensive in Nigeria includes the followings, Akwaibom, Oyo and Kogi are the top three most expensive states in Nigeria.

What rank is Nigeria in tourisim?

Nigeria ranks 68th in the world as recorded a total of 518,000.00 tourist in the year 2021.

Who is the father of tourism in Nigeria?

The father of tourism in Nigeria is Chief Mike Amaechi because of his several works and establishement in Brooklyn Hotels.

Does Nigeria attract tourists?

As a populated country and economic powerhouse in Africa known as a home as a diverse range of historical sites, natural wonders and cultural attractions. Nigeria has many sights to offer that is why they could entice travelers from all over the world.

What is the meaning of tourism in Nigeria?

Tourism in Nigeria refers to places that can accomodate large of people for the interest of enjoyment with nature which are likely like rain forest, waterfalls, Savannah and natural attractions.

Factors that encourages tourism in Nigeria?

For a successful planing to tour around in Nigeria one have to be ready and balance with Income, travel cost and infrastructure are important determinants of domestic tourism in Nigeria.

Does Nigeria have much of tourism?

Nigeria welcomed about 6.92 million international vistors which influence the generated revenue of about $503 million revenue.

How many tourist sites are there in Nigeria?

Nigeria has over 146,000 tourist establishments and this was as a result of their consistent over the three previous years and also the highest number of establishments within the year under review. Nigeria recorded the lowest number of tourist in the year 2015.

What is Nigeria famous for?

Nigeria famous is based on their vastness off its land, the diversity of its people and languages and its huge population in whole of Africa and they are blessed with oil and other natural resources.

What is the tourism capital of Nigeria?

In Nigeria Calabar is the described as the heart tourism capital of Nigeria based on the numerous implementation during the administration of Donald Duke as the Governor of cross River state in the year 1999-2007. The city became the cleanest and most environmentally friendly city in the whole of Nigeria.

How did tourism started in Nigeria?

Tourism in Nigeria was traced to had started in 1472 when the first portuguese merchants visited Lagos on a mercantile mission which is known as Trade mission.

What are four challenges of tourism in Nigeria?

The only few Nigerian challenge of tourism is clearly based on the welfare of the tourist and not the lack of tourist locations or captivating cultures. the following are the fewer challenges; Insecurity, inadequate funding, poor infrastructure, corruption and lack of implementation.

What are setbacks factors aganist deveploment of tourism in Nigeria?

The basic setbacks aganist the development of tourism in Nigeria is inadequate trained human resources. lack of information centers, absence of linkage with tour operators, weak promotion of tourism destinations and finally inadequate accommodation deliverers.

What are the benefits of tourism in Nigeria?

The practice of tourism in Nigeria has played a fruitful impact on the sector of employment, infrastructure, standard of living, and income. Tourism can also play an impact if environment is a developing one which might increase local economical balance in economic development.


Tourism in Nigeria centers basically on events due to the country’s ample amount of ethnic groups which also includes the number of ethnic groups, natural attractions, savannah, waterfalls and rain forest. generally tourism is an act and process of spending time far from home in desire for happiness, relaxation, pleasure, connecting with nature while still making use of commercial provision of services.

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