The requirements needed to travel within Nigeria.

This content is centered to educate you on what requirements you need to travel within Nigeria for safety measures. The requirements needed to travel within Nigeria, What are required to travel within Nigeria etc….

What are required to travel within Nigeria.

Traveling within Nigeria whether by Air or by Land you are expected to have a form of identification or Nigeria national ID card for safety measures.

What are requirements for local flight in Nigeria?

To travel within Nigeria by flight requires an authentic means of Identification. If you are below than 16 years of age you will be required your birth certificate and written consent from your parents or guardians. Now for adults you are required your approved ID for flying domestic flights within Nigeria, it can be voters card, NYSC ID, Drivers license, all are expected to be valid through all your travel duration.

What you need for check-in domestic flights?

You just need the followings for your check-in flights In Nigeria.

  • Your ID Documents: whenever you’re traveling take your valid identification documents to the airport for your check-in.
  • Tickets: tickets are another pass for you during your check-in for domestic flights depending on the airline policy both soft and hard copy of your air ticket.
  • Boarding Pass: another important means of your identification when boarding the plane which will grant your pass.
Can I book a local Flight without a passport?

It depends on type of flight you’re booking but for international flights you’re required to come along with your passport While for domestic flights you don’t need to bring your passport but some official and recognized government issued identification is a must for you. Note that not all airlines will allow you to bring any non-photo identification that would match the name and date on your date of birth for your reservation.

What information do you need to book a domestic flight?

Certain information are needed from you before proceeding to book your domestic flight as a passenger. The details are like your name, your travel destination, your choice of flight class and added with your personal information like ID, mobile number, email address and residential address.

Is it safe to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road?

Traveling from Abuja to Lagos by road is safe but bad roads might discourage you from driving because of potholes and the weather depends on the season of the year you are traveling in.

How do I get a Nigerian emergency travel certificate?

To get your traveling emergency certificate in Nigeria, you need to provide the followings.

  • First is your Proof of citizenship which copy of a Nigerian passport.
  • 1 passport photo.
  • Travel Itinerary to Nigeria ( flight to Nigeria must be direct)
  • Letter addressed to the consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta stating reason’s requesting for emergency travel.
  • Then ETC is better for 1 week from the date of issue.
  • Emergency travel certificate is for a single journey and will be valid from the date of your departure as stated on your ticket which will expire 4 weeks after your departure date.
What are the safety guidelines for road users in Nigeria?

These are the following safety guidelines for road users in Nigeria.

  • Get ready your safe walking route in advance.
  • Use sidewalks if they are available.
  • Walk facing the traffic if a sidewalk isn’t available.
  • Obey all signs and signals.
  • Only cross streets at designated areas.
  • Stay on well lit paths at night.
  • Wear bright colors during the day and reflective tape at night.
Can babies fly on plane within Nigeria without passport?

Well the standard policy of anyone flying is strictly adhere to all age. There’s document authorizing a child to travel by airplane is a passport even an ID card is acceptable, school ID card for domestic flights just provide a means of identification for your child.

Can I get passport for my 2 month old baby?

Of course you can request for a passport for your baby but the both parents must sign Annexure D for passport application of infants. Should incase the baby have lost one of the parents Annexure D must be submitted including the death certificate of the deceased parent.

What is the cost of baby international passport in Nigeria?

The price for international passport in Nigeria for a baby is considered by their age , For the age 0-17 is at the rate of NGN8,750 for 32 pages Then NGN20,000 for 64 pages.

How many countries are visa free to Nigeria?

There are about 45 visa free countries to Nigeria which Nigerians can travel with their country’s passport like; Burkina Faso , Cambodia, Verde Island, Chad, Comoro Islands, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau and Haiti.

What is the longest journey within Nigeria?

Within travels in Nigeria the longest distance to travel is a trip from Lagos to Maiduguri travelling by road which would take like 22 hours, 44 minutes as pedestrian.

What is the longest distance from north to south in Nigeria?

Nigeria measures about 696 miles/1,120 km from north to south with about 795 miles/1.280 km from east to west in Nigeria.

When was the first flight in Nigeria?

The first flight in Nigeria was in November 1 1925 and it was the first aircraft to ever land in Nigeria territory which are three Airco DH. The city in Nigeria the plane landed was in Maiduguri on their way to Kano and later to kaduna on 6 November which was led by Squadron leader Arthur Coningham.

Who is the first person to buy a plane in Nigeria?

The first person in Nigeria to buy a plane was Boyd-carpenter to own a plane in Kano in 1928. His De Havilland cirrusMoth light plane flew across most Northern parts of Nigeria in the late 20s and in early 30s.

Where is the first road in Nigeria?

The first road in Nigeria was motorized vehicles in Nigeria was however built in 1906 from Ibadan to Oyo by 1914 there were 3,200 kilometers of roads in Nigeria.

Which Airport is the biggest in Nigeria?

The biggest Airport in Nigeria is Murtala Muhammed international airport is the largest international airport which consists of an international and a domestic terminal which is located about one kilometer from each other both terminals.

Which state has the finest road in Nigeria?

The finest state has the best road in Nigeria alongside Abuja even in villages have quality roads in Akwa Ibom.

What is the longest street in Nigeria?

The longest street in Nigeria 43km Obajana-Kabba Road has been described by motorists as the country’s most strategic highway that is aiding travel between the north and the south.


This post is for both domestic and international flights within Nigeria. To travel within Nigeria a form of identification Or Nigerian National ID card which is very sufficient enough to travel within Nigeria. To achieve this you can either contact the airline itself to check the airline’s policy.

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