Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal

Traveling with your family can be a memorable and enriching experience. However, it can also be quite expensive, especially when flying internationally. Fortunately, there are several affordable airline options available for family travel from Nigeria to Portugal. This blog post will guide you through Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal. We will cover airlines, tips for finding the best deals, and other essential information to ensure a smooth journey.

Understanding Your Options

When planning your family trip from Nigeria to Portugal, understanding your flight options is crucial. There are various routes, airlines, and layover cities to consider. Thus, knowing these details can help you make informed decisions and find the most cost-effective and comfortable travel plan for your family.

Direct vs. Connecting Flights

Firstly, it is important to note that there are no direct flights from Nigeria to Portugal. Thus, you will need to book a connecting flight. Connecting flights can be less convenient due to layovers; however, they are often more affordable than direct flights. Additionally, layovers can provide an opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a meal, and even explore a new city.

Major Departure Cities in Nigeria

Most international flights from Nigeria to Europe depart from major cities such as Lagos and Abuja.

  • Lagos (Murtala Muhammed International Airport): Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and offers the most international flight options. Thus, you are likely to find more competitive prices and flexible schedules departing from Lagos.
  • Abuja (Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport): Abuja, the capital city, also provides several international flight options. Although there might be fewer flights compared to Lagos, you can still find good deals and convenient schedules.

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Popular Arrival Cities in Portugal

Most flights from Nigeria to Portugal arrive in Lisbon, the capital city. However, there are other cities you might consider depending on your travel plans.

  • Lisbon (Humberto Delgado Airport): Lisbon is the primary entry point for international travelers to Portugal. It offers numerous connections to other parts of the country, thus making it an excellent starting point for your trip.
  • Porto (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport): If you plan to explore the northern part of Portugal, flying into Porto might be a good option. Although there are fewer flights compared to Lisbon, you can find affordable options with connecting flights.

Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal

Several budget airlines offer competitive prices for flights from Nigeria to Portugal. These airlines may not provide all the frills of full-service carriers, but they can significantly reduce travel costs. Some of the most popular budget airlines include:

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is renowned for its extensive route network and competitive pricing. It operates flights from Lagos and Abuja to Lisbon, with a layover in Istanbul. The airline offers various fare classes, allowing you to choose based on your budget and comfort preferences.


Another affordable option is EgyptAir, which flies from Lagos to Lisbon with a layover in Cairo. EgyptAir often has attractive deals, especially during off-peak travel seasons. Moreover, the airline provides a reasonable baggage allowance, which is beneficial for families traveling with children.

Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, the national carrier of Morocco, offers flights from Lagos and Abuja to Lisbon via Casablanca. This airline is known for its affordable fares and good service. Additionally, the layover in Casablanca can be an exciting opportunity to explore another culture briefly.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM provides flights from Lagos and Abuja to Lisbon with a layover in Amsterdam. While not strictly a budget airline, KLM often offers competitive fares and excellent service. The airline’s extensive network means you have multiple options for travel dates and times, thus increasing your chances of finding an affordable fare. Keep reading Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal.

Tips for Finding Affordable Flights

Finding affordable flights requires a bit of strategy and patience. The following tips will help you secure the best deal;

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Book in Advance

One of the most effective ways to get lower prices is to book your flights well in advance. Airlines usually release their cheapest seats first, so the earlier you book, the better your chances of snagging a deal.

Be Flexible with Dates

Flight prices can vary significantly depending on the day of the week, season, and demand. Thus, being flexible with your travel dates can help you find cheaper options. Mid-week flights are often less expensive than weekend ones.

Use Flight Comparison Websites

Websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights enable you to compare prices across various airlines and booking platforms. These tools can help you find the best deals available.

Sign Up for Airline Newsletters

Many airlines and travel websites offer newsletters that include special promotions and discounts. Signing up for these can give you access to exclusive deals.

Consider Alternative Airports

Occasionally, choosing to fly into or out of an alternative airport can result in cost savings. For instance, you might find cheaper flights from Lagos than from Abuja, or you might save by flying into Porto instead of Lisbon and then taking a train or bus.

Planning for Layovers

Since direct flights from Nigeria to Portugal are not available, you will need to consider layovers in your travel plans. Layovers can be seen as an inconvenience; however, they can also be an opportunity to explore a new city, rest, and refresh before continuing your journey.

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Choosing Layover Destinations

When selecting flights, consider the layover destinations. Cities like Istanbul, Cairo, and Amsterdam offer excellent transit facilities and opportunities for brief sightseeing. Thus, a longer layover can become a mini-adventure in itself.

Considering Layover Times and Airports

When booking connecting flights, the duration and location of layovers are crucial factors to consider. A short layover might be stressful if you have to rush to catch your next flight. Conversely, a very long layover can be tiring, especially for young children. Thus, finding a balance is key.

  • Short Layovers: Aim for layovers that give you enough time to disembark, go through security checks, and reach your next gate comfortably. Generally, 2-3 hours is a good window.
  • Long Layovers: If you have a long layover, check if the airport offers amenities such as lounges, children’s play areas, and rest zones. Some airports even offer free city tours for passengers with extended layovers, providing an excellent opportunity to explore a new place.

Managing Long Layovers

If you have a long layover, make sure to plan activities to keep your family entertained. Many airports offer amenities such as lounges, play areas for children, and even free city tours for transit passengers.

Visa Requirements for Layovers

Ensure you understand the visa requirements for your layover destinations. Some countries offer transit visas or visa-free entry for short stays, but it is essential to check this beforehand to avoid any travel disruptions. Read more on Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal.

Family-Friendly Airlines

When traveling with family, particularly young children, certain airline features can make a big difference in your overall experience. Here are some airlines that are known for their family-friendly policies:

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Though not always the cheapest, Emirates often provides good value for families. They offer extensive in-flight entertainment, kids’ meals, and even complimentary strollers at Dubai International Airport. Thus, this can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another excellent option for families. They provide dedicated family check-in areas, kids’ entertainment packages, and spacious seating. Flights from Lagos or Abuja typically have a layover in Doha, which is a very family-friendly airport.

Etihad Airways

Etihad offers a similar level of service, with plenty of entertainment options for kids and comfortable seating arrangements. Their hub in Abu Dhabi is also very well-equipped for families in transit.

Packing Tips for Families

Packing efficiently can save you money and stress. Here are some tips to help you pack for your family trip:

Pack Light

Try to minimize the number of bags you bring. Most budget airlines charge extra for checked baggage, so packing light can save you money. Additionally, lighter luggage is easier to manage when traveling with children.

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Bring Snacks

Airline food can be expensive and may not always appeal to young children. Bringing your own snacks can keep everyone satisfied without breaking the bank.

Entertainment for Kids

Pack a small bag with activities to keep your children entertained during the flight. Coloring books, tablets with pre-loaded movies, and travel games can be lifesavers.

Essential Items

Ensure you have all the essential items easily accessible in your carry-on bags. This includes medications, a change of clothes for young children, and any comfort items like a favorite blanket or toy.

Additional Cost-Saving Tips

Beyond finding affordable flights, there are other ways to save money on your family trip to Portugal:


Consider staying in family-friendly accommodations like vacation rentals or budget hotels. Websites like Airbnb and offer a wide range of affordable options. Read Affordable Airline Options for Family Travel from Nigeria to Portugal.


Public transportation in Portugal is efficient and affordable. Thus, using trains, buses, and trams can save you money compared to renting a car.


Eating out can quickly add up, especially with a family. Consider shopping at local markets and preparing some of your own meals. This can also be a fun way to experience local culture.

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Many attractions in Portugal offer family discounts or free entry for children. Additionally, consider purchasing a city pass, which can provide significant savings on entry fees and public transportation.


Traveling from Nigeria to Portugal with your family can be an affordable and enjoyable experience with the right planning and knowledge. By choosing budget-friendly airlines, being flexible with your travel dates, and taking advantage of cost-saving tips, you can ensure a memorable vacation without breaking the bank. Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Lisbon or relaxing on the beaches of the Algarve, the memories you create with your family will be worth every effort.

Thus, start planning today and look forward to a fantastic family adventure in Portugal!

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