International Students Admission to Vanderbilt University

Find out what amazing things you can achieve at Vanderbilt University! Learn about our mix of people from all over the world, great classes, and awesome help for students from other countries. Come to Nashville, Tennessee, and start an exciting learning adventure. In this post, we discuss International Students Admission to Vanderbilt University. Sign up today!

An Overview of Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University, also known as Vandy or VU, is a fancy school in Nashville, Tennessee. It started back in 1873, thanks to a rich guy named Cornelius Vanderbilt who gave them a ton of money. He hoped the school would help fix the problems caused by the Civil War.

Vanderbilt is one of the original members of the Southeastern Conference and has been the only private school in the group since 1966. The school has ten different parts where students study, and there are about 13,800 students from the US and 70 other countries.

The university is super serious about research and is classified as having very high research activity. They have lots of places where they do research, like the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities and the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center. In 2016, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center became its own thing, separate from the university.

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Except for one place, all of Vanderbilt’s buildings are on its big campus in Nashville. It’s close to downtown, just 1.5 miles away. Getting into Vanderbilt is really hard – only about 5% of people who apply get in!

Vanderbilt has had some really cool people pass through its doors, like politicians, ambassadors, governors, Nobel Prize winners, and even some Supreme Court Justices. They’ve also had some famous writers, actors, and even athletes. There are more than 145,000 people who went to Vanderbilt, and they’ve formed 40 clubs all over the world.

A Brief History of Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University, found in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the top colleges in the United States. It has a long history that began in the late 1800s. Also, it is tied to a wealthy businessman named Cornelius Vanderbilt.

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Start and Early Days (1873-1900)

Cornelius Vanderbilt gave a big donation in 1873 to start the university, which was first called Central University of Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He was nicknamed the “Commodore” because he made a lot of money from steamships and railroads. His donation was the biggest given to a college in America at the time.

Change and Growth (1900-1950)

In 1877, the university’s name changed to Vanderbilt University to honor Cornelius Vanderbilt. In the years after, more students came, and the school got better with more classes as well as buildings. James H. Kirkland, who was in charge, made Vanderbilt famous for being a great place to learn.

Mixing People and Civil Rights Time (1950s-1960s)

Like many places in the South, Vanderbilt had to deal with treating people unfairly because of their skin color. In the 1950s and 1960s, when the Civil Rights Movement was happening, Vanderbilt started to let everyone come to the school. In 1953, the first African American student was admitted, thus, soon after, all students could join.

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Getting Better and Bigger (1970s-2000s)

In the second part of the 1900s, Vanderbilt grew and got more modern. It became famous for doing important research, especially in medicine, engineering, and law. The campus also got bigger with new buildings for classes, research, and living.

Moving Forward in the 21st Century (2000s-Present)

In the 2000s, Vanderbilt kept doing new things to stay great. It started new centers for different kinds of research, worked more with businesses and the government, and also connected with other countries for learning. Vanderbilt has always made sure that everyone feels welcome and respected, no matter where they come from.

Throughout its history, Vanderbilt University has stuck to its goal of giving students a top-notch education while helping society grow. By staying focused on being excellent, creative, and also fair, it’s sure to stay a top college for many more years.

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International Students Admission to Vanderbilt University

To apply to VSA, students from other countries need to finish everything listed on the “How to Apply” page and also do the following steps. All the papers and documents for the application need to be in English.

You’re seen as an international student by Vanderbilt if you’re a citizen of any country except the United States. But if you have dual citizenship with the U.S., are a U.S. Permanent Resident, a refugee/asylee, or a U.S. citizen living outside the country, you’re not considered an international student.

English Proficiency Test

VSA is happy to have students from other countries apply. However, because our classes move quickly and use special words related to different subjects, VSA might not be the best choice for students who aren’t confident in reading, writing, and speaking English. That’s why we need to see that you’re good at English before you apply. International Students Admission to Vanderbilt University

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to send us your scores from tests like TOEFL, TOEFL Special Home Edition, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test. But if you’ve spent three out of your last four school years in a mostly English-speaking program, you might not need to take these tests. We also won’t ask for test scores if you got a 26 or higher on the ACT English part or scored above 630 on the SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing part.

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Even if you don’t have test scores, you can still apply. Instead, you’ll need to send us an English-language portfolio. This should talk about your experience with English and include a letter from an English teacher. Sometimes, we might also want to chat with you over the phone or Skype before deciding.

Just remember, if any of your application documents aren’t originally in English, you’ll need to include a translation that’s certified.

Application Requirements for First-Year Applicants

To apply to VSA using the Common Application or Coalition, powered by Scoir, you’ll need to submit the following:

  • Complete all parts of the application, including the personal essay and short answer questions.
  • Pay a $50 application fee, which is nonrefundable unless you qualify for a fee waiver.
  • Send your official high school transcript.
  • Get a recommendation letter from your school counselor.
  • Ask two of your academic teachers to write recommendation letters for you.
  • If you’re applying for entry in fall 2024, you can choose to submit your SAT or ACT scores. VSA’s SAT code is 1871, and the ACT code is 4036.
  • You have the option to upload a portfolio from via your MyAppVU portal.

Make sure to submit all these materials to complete your application.

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Additional Requirements for International student

Additional requirements for international applicants include:

  • Completing the international section of the Common Application.
  • Submitting official results of English proficiency exams such as TOEFL iBT (including Home and Paper Editions), TOEFL Essentials, IELTS, Cambridge English C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test, if necessary. There’s a recommended minimum score chart available for reference.
  • If English is your first language or the language you’ve been taught in, you don’t need to provide English proficiency exam scores.
  • Applicants who achieve a score above 26 on the ACT English section or above 630 on the SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing section don’t need to submit English proficiency exam scores.
  • Ensure that your English proficiency exam scores are sent directly from the testing agency or your high school official.
  • Note that English proficiency exam scores won’t be superscored.

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Financial Aid for International Students Admission to Vanderbilt University

PTY doesn’t offer financial aid to international students.

However, PTY gives families the choice to arrange a monthly payment plan for their child’s summer tuition. Once you receive an admissions notification, you can set up a payment plan through your SchoolDoc account. You’ll get more details in the admissions notification email.

With the payment plan, families can pay the same amount every month until the Payment Plan Tuition Deadline on June 1, 2023. Please note that payment plan options aren’t available for admissions notifications received after May 1, 2023. If you’re on a payment plan and your child cancels, there won’t be refunds for the installments already paid.

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Alternate Sources for Financial Aid

International students at Vanderbilt are encouraged to look into external sources of financial aid to help pay for their education. There are various organizations like corporations, foundations, service groups, religious organizations, and parent and school associations that offer educational assistance programs.

Additionally, students can explore the International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) website, which provides information about scholarships and loans for international students.

While Vanderbilt doesn’t endorse or have a connection with these organizations, students can reach out to them for more details. Here are some examples of organizations that might be helpful resources for financial aid. Feel free to inquire further as needed.

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In the end, Vanderbilt University is happy to have international students become part of its diverse and lively group. As students go through the application process, they’re urged to look into different ways to get financial help, like scholarships and loans from outside organizations. Vanderbilt creates a friendly place for international students to do well in their studies and personal growth, promoting a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included and connected worldwide. As a top-notch school, Vanderbilt promises to help students from all over the globe reach their academic and career dreams, adding to the university’s diverse community.

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